Tropical Plants Australia

Australian Ginger & Heliconia Nursery

El Arish Botanical Nursery grows and sells exotic Australian tropical plants.

Our collection of plants have been accumulated over more than 30 years. Many were collected during trips to Madagascar, Papua New Guinea, Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia, Sarawak and other regions.

The plants comprise many families and include:

  • Heliconias
  • Gingers
  • Costus
  • Palms
  • Cycads
  • Marantacae
  • Tropical Flowering Trees

El Arish Botanical Nursery has many Tropical oddities as available. Included are:

  • White Bat Plants
  • Aroids (Philodendron Anthuriums etc.)
  • Cordylines
  • Crotons
  • Water Lillies
  • and more

Jill Manning and Terry Mead together with various staff provide a reliable and friendly service with very fair prices in comparison with other duplicated suppliers.

We also provide advice, advance plants, landscaping design and implementation with over 25 years of actual "doing it" with passion and care!

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